Per Larsen, Bindslev set up the first Anolytech plant in the climate barn in 2013 and has subsequently set up a plant at home on the farm. He has done this because it is nice to know that the water that the pigs drink is germ-free.
The farrowing shed is doing well, and there is no longer any weaning diarrhea in the climate barn. If diarrhea occurs after 10-12 days, it is due to feed change. Medication consumption is much less. Per’s theory is that Tylan is degraded if there is biofilm in the pipes and correspondingly many bacteria in the water. Per therefore believes that biofilm reduces the effect of medicine.
He never uses acid products or disinfectants in the water and there are never clogged valves.
When inserting new pigs into the climate barn, there is always clean water when the pigs start drinking, and there is always clean water throughout the period in the climate barn.
“Previously, we had to disinfect between the teams, but we also knew that the effect of it only lasted for a few days – bacteria quickly returned to the water that the pigs drank,” says Per Larsen.