Questions and answers2022-10-03T08:28:48+02:00

Questions and answers

Can the residual product (sodium hydroxide, soap.) From the machine be discharged directly into the drain?2021-04-08T19:29:56+02:00

Yes, it can be led down the drain because the process water contains very little residual product. Read more in our safety data sheet which can be found on the page document.

If you have an Anolytech machine that is used for disinfecting water, can this machine also be used for hand and surface disinfection?2021-04-08T19:29:49+02:00

Yes, if you follow our mixing procedure recommendations. Contact Anolytech for questions .

Where can I buy bottle disinfectant?2021-04-08T19:29:07+02:00

Bottle disinfection can be purchased from several retailers and from partners. Contact Anolytech for more information.

How long does hypochlorous acid have?2021-04-08T19:28:59+02:00

Follow the instructions and information on the label. Contact Anolytech for questions:

Does Anolyte-PH have any negative effects?2021-04-08T19:26:04+02:00

As long as our instructions are followed, no adverse effects should occur.

Are there safety data sheets?2021-04-08T19:25:29+02:00

Yes, you will find safety data sheets and other documents under the tab document.

Which EN standards meet the disinfection?2021-04-08T19:27:56+02:00

Anolyth pH meets the European standards for disinfectants: EN 13624, EN 13697, EN 13610 and EN 13727. More information can be found under the tab document .

Where can you use the Anolyte-pH product?2021-04-08T19:27:11+02:00

Anolyte pH can be used in several areas and in different ways. It is used in agriculture, hotels, real estate, industries and cleaning activities, among other things. You can read more about different uses under the Uses tab or during use.

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