Anolytech produces machines for disinfectants. The disinfectant can be used both to guarantee bacteria-free water and for hand and surface disinfection. Anolytech’s disinfectant is water-based and is gentle on both the environment and people.

Anolytech’s machines produce hypochlorous acid which is produced with the raw materials salt, water and electricity and extracts subchloric acid (HClO, HOCl). Hypochlorous acid is completely free of harmful chemicals, dyes or alcohol. Hypochlorous acid is very effective and kills bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses. Studies show that hypochlorous acid also kills virus variants belonging to the coronavirus family.

Hypochlorous acid is also our body’s own disinfectant that effectively kills unwanted bacteria and viruses in our bodies.

Secure your business through Anolytech’s machine that produces disinfection and hypochlorous acid on site. Above all, it can be important for companies, tenants, the public sector and the public sector, for example, to always have access to disinfectants. Retirement homes, kindergartens, schools and care facilities are in need of being able to prevent and protect their staff and people staying on the premises.

Anolytech’s machine is used today in various industries and is for many an insurance against, among other things, bacteria in the drinking water or to secure the business with disinfectants that are produced on site. We have machines in different sizes that cover all needs and can process up to one million liters of water a day.

Independent of deliveries and an environmentally friendly alternative.

The spread of the coronavirus and the risk of becoming infected have made it difficult to obtain hand disinfection. Hypochlorous acid produced by Anolytech’s machines is an alternative and a solution to the shortage of disinfectants that prevails today. We produce our machines in Sweden and are not dependent on deliveries. Having a machine in place is also an environmentally friendly and logistical alternative, as you remove packaging and transport. Above all, it reduces or replaces the use of other environmentally hazardous chemicals. Our solution is completely harmless for personnel to handle, consumes little energy and requires only a small amount of raw material (salt). The residual product from the production of the hypochlorous acid is biodegradable and may be poured down the drain.

The problems that arise in the crisis we are facing mean that we see the need in several industries. We also see a solution to the shortage of disinfectants that prevails for consumers and companies.

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