Meeting place Social security is Sweden’s largest meeting place for everyone who works in social security and has been arranged since 2011. The meeting place is arranged by Easyfairs in collaboration with MSB and SKR . The March 23-24, 2021 The meeting place will for the first time be held as a completely digital conference and exhibition. On the digital platform, you will find everything you need to know about crisis preparedness, resilience and civil defense.

Why is Anolytech participating?
When the pandemic wave swept across the world, the load on global supply chains became too great and burst. Supply preparedness and modern warehousing will be important to prevent a similar scenario. Anolytech wants to be part of the work to secure supply and preparedness.

“- We contribute with Swedish sustainable disinfection technology that ensures self-sufficiency!”

“- Anolytech ensures security of supply on its own terms!”