Cooperation agreement between Anolytech and AFRY.

Anolytech and AFRY formalize a collaboration where we actively promote each other when the opportunity arises and above all to lift Anolytech towards “new” areas. Anolytech and AFRY can together offer potential customers this combination there Anolytech Norden AB stands for the technical solution in practice and AFRY for the opportunities to broaden the market through already ongoing business or new development projects.

The agreement aims to be able to rely on a formal and developed collaboration between AFRY and Anolytech when marketing and delivering to the parties’ existing and new customers.

In 2020, AFRY will assist Anolytech in several areas, such as product registration, EN standards, project management, market research and studies to investigate opportunities in different markets, as well as to support the ongoing expansion.

Together with carefully selected partners, we can do more!

Contact person Anolytech: Stefan Fischlein 0411-243033