We tested the water on 231 farms in Sweden that have useful incoming water. The result is frightening. Of all 231 farms, only 20 farms had serviceable water where the animals actually drink the water. Follow along and we will tell you how it comes about, if you are in the risk zone and how this can harm your animals.

Difference between water and water

Before we take a closer look at the problem and the solution with bacteria, it is good to tell what is really meant by useful water. As you probably already know, water can have different composition and quality. The National Food Administration divides the normal values of water into three categories.

  • Serviceable water
  • Serviceable with remark
  • Useless water

Useful water is water that is drinkable and can be used for other household purposes without any action being required. Drinkable water in short. Useful with remark means that the water has a poorer structure. In any case, this does not necessarily mean that it is not possible to drink, but the water may still have negative health effects. Unsuitable water is water that should not be used and can have adverse health effects on you and your animals.

The problem

It goes without saying that you want the best for your animals and you have probably also tested your incoming water. The result has probably shown that you have useful incoming water for your farm. Most farms have useful incoming water.

The problem is that the water is traditionally tested where it enters the farm and not where the animals drink the water. That’s why we took our samples where the animals actually drink the water instead. After all, that is what should be counted! The results showed that:

  • 62% had unusable water
  • 29% had serviceable water with remark
  • 9% had serviceable water

This despite the fact that the farms had useful incoming water! Now you are probably wondering how this comes about?

The fact that you have a municipal water source or your own well with serviceable water is thus no guarantee that your animals in reality drink water that is serviceable.

Bacteria and biofilm

Your animal herd adds good and bad bacteria to the drinking water through, for example, a common drinking place or by intestinal bacteria ending up in the drinking water. But the bacteria not only stop at the drinking place but can move upstream in the pipes, even in pipes with a high pressure.

The bacteria attach to the walls of your tubes and attract other bacteria. Finally, a coating is created which in technical language is called a biofilm. We can simply call it a small bacteria factory where the growth of bacteria increases and spreads further in your pipes, water tanks, water cups and nipples. The bacteria from the animals and the cinema degrade the water quality and is the explanation for why only 9% of all farms in our test had serviceable water where the animals drank. This despite the fact that they had serviceable incoming water to the farm.

“The bacteria from the animals and the film degrade the water quality and is the explanation for why only 9% of all farms in our test had suitable water where the animals drank it even though they had suitable incoming water to the farm.”

Now you’re probably thinking: Is it not enough just to clean the water system regularly?

The problem of cleaning

The answer is twofold. Admittedly, it helps to clean pipes, nipples, water tanks, etc., but the power does not last. The problem is that as soon as the animals drink again, the bacteria spread and you face the same problem again.

In addition to spending a lot of time, energy and money on cleaning, the positive effect is limited. Fortunately, there is another, natural solution.

Anolytech – A simple solution to a complicated problem

With our help, you can in an ecological way with ordinary table salt, water and electricity easily keep your pipes clean around the clock, all year round with the animals in place. Our technology mixes salt, water and electricity and creates hypochlorous acid. Best of all, it’s all natural! This is because it is the same natural disinfectant that your human body creates and uses to fight and kill unwanted bacteria.

Anolytech was founded in 2005 and our technology and method have been tested for many years. Today, more than 400 animal producers use Anolytech Agrorent for a bacteria-free water.

Why you should use Anolytech Agrorent for your animals
  • Useful, bacteria-free water for real
  • Clean water around the clock, all year round
  • Lower bacterial pressure – Healthier animals
  • Automatic dosing – You only fill the machine with tablets
  • Environmentally friendly – Organic production
  • The animals do not need to be moved to clean
  • No investment required – low monthly cost
  • Installation and service included


Our guarantee

We are so confident in disinfection technology that we can ensure , within the framework of the Drinking Water Directive, that you get a bacteria-free drinking water! Get in touch and we will tell you more.