Today was the last day we were open at the station to pick up free hand and surface disinfection in Ystad. During the days we have been open, we have distributed over 50,000 liters of disinfectant. The interest was great even during the last day and there was a queue from opening to closing.
We have been able to help schools, healthcare facilities, emergency services, ambulance personnel, police authorities, municipalities, companies and residents. We want to give a big thank you to everyone who supported and helped us, without your efforts it would not have been possible. Ystad Tryck , Nilam Glasservice , ENRAX Property , Radio Active , Sun and UV power , JBN, Circle K kristianstadsvägen , Pizzeria Triangeln , Hemrex , Per Carlén, Farm service , Skin and Balance , Lyckås Clothing Store , and Cleversign .

We thank you for all the nice greetings, flowers and cakes from happy residents and businesses. Take care of each other and remember that in these times we all need help. Now we continue to help as best we can in other parts of Sweden. ????