Maria Törnqvist installed Anolytech’s machine in the stable 8 months ago after being recommended by an acquaintance who is a professor in water.
– I have noticed a big difference in the horses who now drink more and are no longer dehydrated. I am incredibly happy with the result and am glad that I got Anolytech recommended to me.

Maria Törnqvist runs the stable Närningsholm in Fågelrum which is located 80 km northeast of Göteberg which has room for 40 horses. By using Anolytech’s machine, Maria Törnqvist and stall Därningsholm are insured against bacteria in the drinking water.
Anolytech produces hypochlorous acid (subchloric acid) which kills bacteria, spores, viruses, mold and other fungi in drinking water. It is an effective solution that is completely free of hazardous chemicals. The production equipment is in place in the stable and dispenses a low and continuous dose of hypochlorous acid with high precision directly into incoming water.
– The water is fresh and tastes good. I have noticed a big difference in both hygiene and quality of the water before and after I started using Anolytech’s products.

Drinking water often makes up 30-50% of the feed supply, which means that drinking water that contains unwanted bacteria can damage production and be bad for animal health. Lowering the total bacterial pressure through bacteria-free drinking water can mean healthier animals, working time savings and fewer chemicals on the farm.

Maria runs a blog and website where we can read about her recommendations and experience with Anolytech.
– Anolytech maintains a very good standard and service on both services and products and you immediately notice that it is quality products that are sold.
When asked what she would say to others who run stables, Maria says:
– I highly recommend Anolytech to all farms.