Today, Innovation Future workplace (Framtidens Arbetsplats) publishes an article about Anolytech with Svenska Dagbladet. CEO Stefan Fischlein is on the cover. Take a look and read some interesting articles that are very important in these times.

The article:

Excerpt from article:

“The green thinking. A sustainable circular process and a sustainable society. These are important pillars for protecting our environment and being able to give our future generations a long and healthy life. When Stefan Fischlein started Anolytech in 2008, he wanted to treat mastitis in dairy cows using a solution called AnoDes (hypochlorous acid). This instead of antibiotics. Now today 13 years later, Anolytech has 500 machines around Sweden and with the same solution they can secure bacteria-free drinking water, hand and surface disinfection, and disinfection via dimming. An environmentally friendly alternative that ensures self-sufficiency and minimizes risks, removes packaging, transport and hazardous waste.


– What is unique about our machine is that the efficiency depends on the PH value. We control it so that we have 6.5 in PH. This means that we can place a machine anywhere in the world regardless of the pH of the incoming water. The result is the same end product because we know exactly how to dose to get the optimal effect. The machine that produces the solution uses only 150 watts, which makes it energy efficient and can be powered by solar cells if we so wish. We have started a charity program to help poor countries who can not afford to buy our machine. In these countries, we hope to be able to use solar cell technology to power the machines. ”