We at Anolytech sponsor another non-profit association with disinfection and SEK 5,000 to the cashier!

Ungdoms-hänget in Köpingebro is a newly started non-profit association that is aimed at young people from 13 years. They arrange activities, meetings and somewhere to hang out. They support and help the young people who do not have relatives to lean on.



The youth hangout tells itself about its activities: – “We have seen that there is a great need to be there for our children and young people as they rarely have places where they can” hang out “and socialize. Hence was born the idea of arranging just this, a place for children and young people to meet and perform various activities to get away from computer, mobile and other screens that the digital world brings and takes over more and more. A place where you can hang out no matter who you are, what you look like or where you were born. Where everyone’s equal value is at the center and last but not least where there are adults available.

– “We have a lot of thoughts about how we want to develop this and what we need now are several committed adults-young electricity older and money in. There is the opportunity to sponsor via swish with” pure “money but also to donate flea market items that we will sell on facebook flea markets and physical flea markets.Also gratefully accepts sports equipment in all sizes and in all different sports as the ambition is also to be able to help the less fortunate to borrow equipment to be able to participate in various leisure activities.EVERYTHING should be free ie no salaries are distributed to us who are on site. Will also seek sponsorship and funds to be able to run this in the best possible and safe way ”

Anolytech was asked if they could sponsor the association with disinfectants and decided to also sponsor SEK 5,000 for their cash, which is used for premises, activities and other necessities.

Anolytech sponsors several non-profit associations with disinfectants. Do you have a club or association and need disinfectant? Welcome to contact us at info@anolytech.se .

Read more about the youth hangout in Köpingebro on their facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ungdoms-H%C3%A4nget-iK%C3%B6pingebro-110022094236810
or contact them at ungdomshangetik@gmail.com .