In a vacant factory area in Høyanger municipality in Norway, the company Anolytech Norge AS has in a few days set up a facility that produces disinfectants.

The situation with the lack of disinfectants in many cities and the authorities’ desire that everyone must contribute to today’s efforts inspired the company to do this. We have expertise, equipment and the desire to help, says chairman Jon Bolstad. – When we got quick access to the premises in Fundofabrikken in Høyanger, I never doubted that we would do it.

We now offer free disinfectants to public companies in the area. I have noticed that there is a shortage of disinfectants and that some companies charge high prices for disinfection. Then I thought we could give this for free to some companies to meet the need. We must do everything we can to prevent risk-takers from becoming unnecessarily exposed to infection. In addition, we think of all healthcare professionals who are under intense pressure and who we must protect. They must have good access to aids to keep the infection pressure down and feel that they can do what needs to be done without hindrance.

To help, Anolytech felt that they want to do what they can, and think it makes sense to help medical offices, nursing homes and similar institutions.

In two days we have prepared 800 liters of disinfectant. When we soon get more packaging in the form of cans and bottles, we can prepare 10,000 liters for use. Then we can also deliver to other than public companies.

Anolytech technician Tore Lie did not doubt when he was asked to set up a mini-factory. – This is very meaningful to be a part of, it is a fantastic product and it gives me great pleasure to do this now, he says.