Over the past year, Anolytech has sponsored the Swedish national handball team with AnoDes. Anolytech’s pH optimized hypochlorous acid for disinfection. The Swedish national handball team ladies and men have used AnoDes for disinfection of hands and surfaces. The national team also has access to Anolytech’s dimming equipment for disinfecting changing rooms and transport vehicles.

After a good collaboration, Anolytech will continue to sponsor the team for another year. The Swedish national handball team tells about how they experienced the sponsorship of disinfectants:

“The Swedish national handball team is grateful and happy that Anolytech was willing to help us minimize the risks of Covid 19 infection spreading at our home matches during the past season. At all of the handball national team’s home matches we have had Anolytech’s product AnoDes available to players, leaders, staff and volunteers both in hotels and in the arenas For us, it has been extremely valuable to have a serious and competent partner who can deliver both knowledge and quality products in the form of disinfectants, which has made us very confident in being able to live up to the demands placed on us as organizers at all of our international matches during the past year. ” Says CEO, Stefan Lövgren.